Japan exclusive switch accessories

Ever since the first video game console released, we've had accessories. Whether it's special controllers for the Atarithe NES Lightgun, or the plethora of add-ons for the Nintendo Wii Remote, these can enhance gameplay, or change the way we interact with titles. That's not to say they're all useful, however. For every Super Gameboy, there are dozens of weird, and whacky instruments that sell only because they're strange. Many of these add-ons come from Japan — one of the biggest markets in the video game world.

With so many people playing games, and just as many who keep an open mind about how they play games, we've seen some truly bizarre gaming objects that are exclusive to the region. The Nintendo Game Boy was easily the most successful gaming handheld of its time. Because of that, it's popularity allowed the simple Nintendo handheld to transcend gaming. With that said, it's hard to imagine the green-screened console helping the casual fisher.

Yet, Game Boy Pocket Sonar did exactly that upon its release in Made by Bandai exclusively in Japan, this accessory is used to find fish up to 65 feet underwater. It was the first gaming accessory to use sonar technology. It's a really unique look into how video game technology can be used in other fields, something that was replicated with devices like the Kinect years later.

Now, most will talk about the TV antenna, but portable TVs and handheld gaming go hand-and-hand. This accessory has a part that is placed on the touch screen of the DS while the main body connects to the Gameboy Advanced outlet at the bottom, essentially powering it as an optical mouse.

In fact, the mere thought of the PlayStation 2 with its built-in DVD player made many consumers skip over the Dreamcast in the hopes of getting their hands on Sony's second home console. So, it's really strange to see a Sega-licenced controller replicating arguably their worst-performing console, the Saturn, on the home system that put the final nail in Sega's storied history as a console maker. Most notably released alongside the Sega Dreamcast, these devices were part memory card part portable gaming system, able to slide out of the controller filled with mini-games from games the players already bought.

While this may have been the most widely known device of this nature, Sony actually released its own version months before Sega's final home console even released. Dubbed the Sony PocketStation, the device worked similarly to Sega's.As a console, the Nintendo Switch is tough to beat. It's super cute, super portable, and it pulls double duty as a home console.

Because the Switch is both a mobile and home console, you might want to check out some accessories that can let you play longer, download more games, and practice your swordplay in Link's Awakening. A few of these are suitable for the Switch Lite as well, the Switch's mobile-only sibling available in a rainbow of fun colors. Updated March We've adjusted pricing and added a dongle for Bluetooth headphones. This is must-have item number one. It will also protect your screen from the Switch TV Dock, which has scratched some Switch owners' displays.

Grab one with GB of storage or more so it lasts for a few years.

japan exclusive switch accessories

Pop it in, forget about it, and download tons of games. Easy peasy. Out of the box, the only way you can charge your Joy-Con controllers is by sliding them back onto the Switch, and the Pro controller requires a USB-C cord.

This durable dock from PowerA will charge them all at once. The SteelSeries Arctis are some of our favorite gaming headsets and the Arctis 3 Bluetooth is the perfect match for Switch.

It will work wired, letting you connect directly to the Switch with a 3. Ultimateand online NES games. There's nothing fancy about this wired Astro headset, but it's in our Best Gaming Headsets guide because it's one of only a few headsets you can find that works with the strange way Nintendo does online voice chat. It will connect directly to the 3. That's how Nintendo requires you to do it for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and most other games.

It's bizarre, like Nintendo's online strategy. It connects with a wireless dongle and works with nearly any device that has a USB-C port.

japan exclusive switch accessories

On top of that, it produces rich, atmospheric sound and works great with the Nintendo Switch. Just plug in the dongle—no need to fret about wires or Bluetooth pairing. It's a seamless experience that makes the Arctis 1 a great travel companion, and it works with many other systems and phones. There are tons of Bluetooth adapters out there for the Switch and Switch Lite, but this one is by far my favorite.

It has a thin profile, so it rests nice and snug against your Switch, and doesn't get in the way when you're playing handheld. Bluetooth headphones are a natural companion for the Switch, and if you already have some you like, this adapter will let you use them while you're exploring Hyrule and beyond.And that applies to the Nintendo eShop as explained in this postthough obviously, you need a Nintendo Account set to Japan.

We will try to keep it updated as long as possible, so keep coming back for new additions! Alternatively, click on one of the following links to jump to the relevant section:. Looking for demos instead? Click here! Founder and main writer for Perfectly Nintendo.

Tried really hard to find something funny and witty to put here, but had to admit defeat. Also known as Maintenance Guy by some. I wanted it forbut not for :. Also, instead of creating a new account you could just change your account region in the Nintendo webpage. And yes, changing the region of the account is possible, but simply making a separate one is more convenient not to mention Nintendo could chose to add limitations to region switching, for example… just speculation on my part, here.

But Dark Witch already was in the eShop section maybe you missed it because of the different colour, since we added a link.


Oh well, see it there now so… cool. It depends on whether the app is the same across regions like Zelda: Breath of the Wild for example. If it is, then DLC is the same across regions, too. Might be better to wait. Quick questionif I pull the trigger and get arms a few hours earlier will it just be the text that is in English or will the voice acting also be English? That includes the Home Menu icon and everything. Spelunker Party! Since Spelunker Party! If they do, that means Lost Sphear could eventually get one.

I was thinking the same thing regarding seeing what happens when Spelunker comes out.The Nintendo Switch is one of the best consoles you can get. But even Nintendo's genre-bending console can benefit from some Nintendo Switch accessories. Perhaps you need an extra Switch controller for multiplayer games, or a case or portable charger if you own the older Switch with the shorter battery life. There are also plenty of great Switch-compatible gaming headsets for communicating in competitive games like Fortnite and Rocket League.

Note that some of the items on the list, such as SD cards, headsets and chargers, will work on both the normal Nintendo Switch as well as the Nintendo Switch Lite. However, if you need cases and stands specific to the smaller models, we've also rounded up the best Nintendo Switch Lite accessories. This Cable Matters set gets you two braided, 3. Want those tiny Joy-Cons to feel more like actual controllers? These Joy-Con grips from FastSnail will do the trick for cheap.

The grips come in black, red, blue and neon yellow, allowing them to match your controllers no matter which color Joy-Cons you own. If you're playing touch-intensive games like Super Mario Maker 2, you're going to need a stylus.

The AccuPoint Active Stylus is the best Switch-friendly stylus we've tested, with a comfortable design, accurate tips on both ends, and 12 hours of battery life. RDS Industries' Game Traveler is one of the most popular Nintendo Switch cases out there, and for good reason: it's durable, affordable and loaded with features. This Switch case packs a sturdy hard shell design complete with a convenient carry handle, and has a padded interior designed to keep your Switch's screen and Joy-Con analog sticks safe.

If you are looking to keep the screen on your Switch sharp and scratch-free, instead of getting the flimsy official screen protector, what you really want is one made out of tempered glass like this one from amFilm.

Not only are tempered glass screen protectors significantly stronger than those made out of plastic, they're also easier to install. Thanks to the Arctis 1's handy 2. The Arctis 1 Wireless is also just a great gaming headset in its own right, with a sleek design that you'll want to wear on the road, a crisp removable microphone and the same high-quality drivers you'll find in SteelSeries' higher-end Arctis headsets.

If you want a more traditional gaming experience on your Switch, you can pick up a Pro Controller and enjoy new features such as built-in NFC for use with Nintendo's Amiibos and the share button for sending pics and clips to all your friends.

The best Nintendo Switch exclusives (February 2020)

If you still need deciding if you actually need a Pro Controller, check out our pros and cons story. This accessory replaces your left Joy-Con and gives you a rubbery, precise d-pad that the Switch always should have had in portable mode, which is perfect for landing those tight Street Fighter combos or split-second Mega Man jumps.

With huge AAA releases and troves of indies hitting the Switch more rapidly than ever, your console's storage is going to fill up fast.

HyperX's gaming microSD cards are a great solution to your storage woes, offering MBps read speeds and 80 Mbps write speeds for fast transfers and loading. Want the comfort and functionality of a full-sized controller when playing your Switch on the go? The Hori Split Pad Pro will do the trick, as long as you don't mind adding some serious heft to your console. The Split Pad Pro is quite literally a full controller split into two large Joy-Cons, giving you large analog sticks and face buttons, a true d-pad and satisfying triggers.

Even better, you'll get two bonus programmable rear buttons for getting a competitive edge in games like Fortnite and Overwatch.

japan exclusive switch accessories

You'll even enjoy rumble and motion control functionality if you connect a DualShock 4. Better yet, the adapter also works on Windows, allowing you to use all of the aforementioned controllers as well as your Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers with your favorite PC games.

If you wish you could charge your Nintendo Switch while using it in tabletop mode, Nintendo's adjustable charging stand is a cheap and elegant solution. This small, USB-rechargable dock lets you prop your Switch up at a variety of different viewing angles, all while getting some extra juice during those impromptu multiplayer sessions at the park.

HyperX's Cloud Earbuds are an excellent choice for on-the-go Switch gamers, offering impressive audio within a slick red design for a compelling price. The Cloud Earbuds include multiple sets of silicone tips to accommodate different ear sizes, and pack a solid inline mic for chatting with friends in Fortnite or making calls on your smartphone.

The Astro 10 was already a great gaming headset in its own right, and this special Astro 10 Breath of the Wild edition is a great add-on for hardcore Zelda fans or anyone who simply wants quality Switch sound on the go. This headset's durable, lightweight frame and soft fabric earcups will have you gaming in comfort for hours on end, while its 40mm drivers will keep you immersed in Hyrule, the Mushroom Kingdom, or any other virtual world you choose to visit.

Better yet, the A10 Zelda edition includes a handy splitter that allows you to enjoy game audio while simultaneously staying connected to your phone for chatting with friends via Nintendo Switch Online. This wireless gamepad feels just like your old Super Nintendo controllers, but with wireless functionality and a slick set of color options inspired by the Game Boy Pocket series.Cart Checkout.

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japan exclusive switch accessories

Hot Pre-Orders. Hot Products. Weekly Deals. Very convenient. About Us. Newsletter Newsletter Sign Up. All rights reserved.The Nintendo Switch has racked up a huge number of great games since its launch nearly three years ago. That is, of course, unless you count the Nintendo Switch Lite. Who would have thought that on a system that is home to multiple Mario and Zelda games that second fiddle Luigi would still be able to shine?

For his third outing, Luigi ventures into a hotel to rescue his friends — who have all been trapped in paintings — and climbs up themed spooky floors to capture ghosts along the way. If you get tired of playing the game alone, you can check out the ScreamPark and ScareScraper modes, which add competitive and cooperative options, respectively. You get Astral Chainand we are very thankful for that. The Nintendo Switch exclusive is one part character-action game, one part investigation simulator, and one part open-world adventure, and centered on an interdimensional attack that threatens destroy all of humanity.

These Legions are also used to solve puzzles in the world and offer a nice twist on the PlatinumGames gameplay loop. That changed with Super Mario Odysseya whimsical game that brought back all the wonder and discovery of Super Mario 64but added in the character Cappy to completely change how you approach obstacles. Cappy is capable of turning Mario into nearly any object or enemy he comes across; he can traverse giant lava pits, sneak through narrow openings, and even go 2D in order to run along a painting on a wall.

Read our full Super Mario Odyssey review. On the design side of the coin, Nintendo has added some really cool features like custom clear conditions and slopes. The level design suite features an easy drag-and-drop system that works well with either a controller or touchscreen in handheld mode. Nintendo also included a full-fledged campaign mode featuring plus zany levels that really capture what Super Mario Maker 2 levels are all about.

Read our full Super Mario Maker 2 review. Though it adheres to the same set of mechanics in most Yoshi side-scrollers, depth is added, allowing you to move into the backdrop of environments and toss eggs off into the distance, both behind and in front of you.

Japan Only Nintendo Switch Accessories You Need To Buy!

Along with lengthy platforming levels, there are a variety of novel stages, such as one that puts you inside of a giant Yoshi mech.

Read our full Kirby Star Allies review. Super Smash Bros. Every character ever included in another Super Smash Bros. Read our full Super Smash Bros. Ultimate review.

The best Nintendo Switch exclusives (February 2020)

If you ever need to show a prospective Switch player just what the system can do across its different modes, you can do a lot worse than Arms. With a ton of different characters to choose from — and more being added since launch via free DLC — you can customize your fighter to fit your particular playstyle. Read our full Arms review. The game is also absolutely gorgeous, with its pixel art emulating the bit era perfectly.

The Switch exclusive not only gives us strategic and intense tennis matches that force you to use every trick at our disposal, but also a hilarious campaign mode that helps to teach you the basics before ever squaring off against another player. Read our full Mario Tennis Aces review. After a string of underwhelming entries in the Mario Party franchise, Super Mario Party brings the board game action back to its root. Like the original format, up to four players race across a board to collect stars and compete in minigames at the end of each turn.

It offers a nice spin on the formula and can potentially reduce the number of arguments you get in with friends and family. Read our Super Mario Party impressions. Yes, Mario Kart 8 was released on the Wii U, but the sheer amount of content in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe makes it feel like an entirely new game.

All courses and characters from the Wii U release are included, as well as all DLC characters previously offered as paid content.Switch Exclusives.

Full Exclusive — Games released exclusively on one console. Platform Exclusive — Games released exclusively on a single family of consoles. Timed Exclusives — Games exclusive to a single console or family of consoles for a limited time. Generation Exclusive — Games that are exclusive to one console from a single generation of consoles, but also released on previous generation consoles.

Peripheral Exclusive — Games that are exclusive to one console or family of consoles that require additional peripherals. PlayStation VR, Kinect, etc.

Added Content — Games that were previously exclusive to one console, but now available on another console with a significant amount of additional content. Network Working Zombies Jupiter.

Club Unlimited Microids Gear. S Zumba: Burn It Up! Robot Gentleman 60 Seconds Robot Gentleman Hamster Arcade Archives Punch-Out!! Mah-jong Hamster Arcade Archives Vs. Super Mario Bros. Flaming Kasukabe Runner!! To The Moon! Fish Go! Treasure Hunter! Blaster Forever Entertainment Mr.

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