Martial master chapter 137

The weak looking young man retreated, the black whip in his hand shook quickly, the whip that was a few metres long suddenly stretched straight, as though it had turned into a hard rod, directly sweeping down towards Tang Huan's Crimson Flame Spear. Tang Huan's mind was calm like water, and was not angered by the skinny youth's sarcastic remarks.

When the youth spoke, his eyes revealed a cunning look, allowing Tang Huan to understand that he was not as arrogant and proud as he was. The reason why his words were so annoying was only because he wanted to enrage.

However, this guy did not know that if he did not have enough strength to ensure his victory and infuriate his opponent, his end would become even more miserable. In a split-second, the long whip that was as hard as iron struck the spearhead, causing an ear-piercing sound similar to the sound of metal colliding.

martial master chapter 137

But just as the voice came out, the hard braid suddenly softened without any warning, and borrowing the force of the impact, it spiraled rapidly, looping itself around the Crimson Flame Spear's spear head.

The thin youth could not help but reveal a hint of joy in his eyes. As he shouted, his right foot that was retreating kicked the ground and his right arm that was holding onto the long whip jerked back. However, the spear in Tang Huan's hand did not move at all. A few meters away, Tang Huan was still sneering mockingly. In less than half a blink of an eye, the long whip had already started vibrating.

The whip immediately loosened up, as if it wanted to break away from the tip of the spear. Tang Huan suddenly snorted coldly, and the body of the spear immediately twisted, releasing an exceptionally intense buzzing sound, while the tip of the fiery red spear also started to spin quickly, not only did the whip not break free, it actually entangled itself even more tightly with the tip of the spear.

While he shouted lowly, Tang Huan also lashed out ruthlessly like a skinny youth. The youth cried out in alarm. His thin and weak body was carried by the long whip, and he flew out uncontrollably. He obviously did not expect that his whip would be entangled by Tang Huan's Crimson Flame Spear, nor did he expect that Tang Huan's power would be so strong and ferocious.

He was so frightened by the sudden turn of events that his face paled, and quickly let go of his whip. Tang Huan swung his spear, causing the whip wrapped around the tip of the spear to fall to the ground, following that, the Crimson Flame Spear pierced through the space once again, heading straight for the weak looking teenager's chest, the terrifying heat spread out like a stormy wave, enveloping him and causing his entire body to be completely engulfed.

Martial Master Chapter 137

He quickly retreated while waving his hand. Tang Huan scoffed, the Crimson Flame Spear in his hand did not slow down at all, and in an instant, the distance between him and the skinny youth was less than half a meter. The weak looking young man's face was drained of blood, he cursed in his heart, and his body spun quickly like a top, barely dodging the terrifying spear attack. Then, he ran out of the competition grounds with all his might, roaring out, "Tang Huan, don't do it, I admit …".

The youth's "lost" word had yet to even leave his mouth when it was replaced by a miserable scream. It was Tang Huan's Crimson Flame Spear sweeping over from the back, and directly striking his back with lightning speed. He flew through the air like a cloud and landed heavily outside of the martial arena.

He lay on the ground spitting out blood, unable to get up.

Martial Master - Chapter 137

The moment the exclamation was heard, two young men around the age of twenty ran out of the crowd and helped the thin youngster up.

After a quick survey of the skinny youth's condition, one of the young men wearing a light green robe glared at Tang Huan and shouted in anger: "Tang Huan, you're too ruthless! Even Lu Tong is about to admit defeat, how dare you hit him with such a heavy blow! Tang Huan smiled indifferently, and returned the words that Lu Tong had said before back to him, "If he was truly ruthless, then he would already be a corpse now.

A loud sound exploded out. On the other side of Tang Huan, the muscular man seemed to be drunk as he staggered a few steps back, then sat down on the ground with his butt. The long axe in his hand fell to the ground at the same time.Chapter — Black Market Eleventh Shopping 4 Once all the Chosen Ones returned to their dimensions, Sungjin lay on the bed alone and checked his stats. The numbers were too large now. Despite being the owner of these stats, Sungjin had to stare at the screen for a long time before he could decipher what was written there.

The status Sungjin was focusing on nowadays was Mind Power. He was investing much of his points into Mind Power in order to be able to cast a 9th class spell with the Master Hunter title equipped without putting any more points into Magic Power. The amount of mana he needed to be able to cast a 9th class spell using the Ring of the Great Sage was Over six hundred and fifty thousand.

Even if Ariane were to provide half the value, he still needed roughlymana. Sungjin made quick calculations in his head. This was the combined total of the Raid reward, the twelve thousand he got from Serin, and the ten thousand he received from Baltren.

If I spend eighty-one thousand on elixirs, then I will be able to cast 9th class spell by dawn.

martial master chapter 137

Sungjin lay down on the bed after finishing the calculations. When he first went to the Spell Shop and found out about the monetary and mana cost of 9th class spells, he had thought it would take a minimum of ten Chapters before he would be able to use them. But thanks to the Elixirs, Ariane, and Ring of the Great Sage, he was able to cast a 9th class spell much earlier than he had anticipated. Each step he took on the worn out stairs caused the wooden boards to wail.

Sungjin followed the stairs into the darkness, step by step. The Merchant of Darker than Black greeted him as always, sitting in the dark corner in his usual seat. Sungjin walked up to him and said. Reaching into his vest, he pulled out a small bottle. Sungjin was given the small bottle. Although Sungjin had requested five times the amount as last time, it still seemed to contain exactly the same amount of liquid.

Sungjin glanced at the Merchant with his eyes full of suspicion. The Merchant took the hint and said to him. Sungjin complained in his mind as he opened the bottle and drank the contents. There was no flavor or scent from the liquid. Sungjin checked his stats right away. The Merchant asked, but Sungjin only glanced back at him, before leaving without another word.

He never felt good being around the man. On his way out of Darker than Black, Sungjin allocated his stat points immediately. And for the rest, add seven thousand to Mind Power.

Sungjin received the gem. It had always given off a light, but after being properly cut, it now shone brilliantly.

Sungjin held the item up. Be like the uncatchable wind, the courageous Lion, the incorruptible Lotus. It was all good.

martial master chapter 137

The more stats he earns, the more benefit would be distributed to the Chosen Ones. Kargos continued to say. Sungjin nodded and left the Smithy, returning to the Ninety Nine Nights. Once he had returned to the lot where the Inn was, Cain stood up.Qiu Yang had already escaped from the messy situation.

He saw himself and Lou Cheng with fists still clenched and raised. Thoughts flew through his mind and he started to understand what had happened.

Just as he was trying to flip out from the trap, his opponent managed to capture the chance to do so too. Qiu Yang felt awkward. He was annoyed and wanted to vent his anger. He wanted to shout, but he was in no position to do so.

He was the reason why things turned out this way. He made a mistake. He was too careless.

While he was being arrogant about setting up the trap, he overlooked the fact that his opponent had the same ability as him. They both went numb in their useless right hands. Without a reason to blame Lou Cheng, and without an excuse, Qiu Yang was close to punching the referee, but he held back.

He did not do so because he knew that the difference in their abilities was too great, and he had no chance of winning. All he could do was to swallow his pride.

Martial Master Chapter 126 English Subtitle, Subbed by 7neyo

At the same time, Lou Cheng also understood what was going on. He sighed at the fact that his thinking was starting to slow down and how he had not reacted in time. He tried to hide his smile and said. Of course he was fine. If they had continued fighting, his brains would probably be so fried he would not be able to react to anything. To be able to tie, and have a shot at victory, was the perfect situation! As he was talking, he felt a sense of pride. Lou Cheng felt that he had won this fight, because he had the Jindan in his tummy.

Even if the strong punch struck him, it might just change and evolve to protect him from any injury. However, that said, who knows, maybe the Jindan would evolve and its energy would cause him to burn or freeze internally, Just like that dead fish. He was ecstatic when he beat Wei Shengtian. Compared to those explosive feelings, Lou Cheng's level of joy for his match was much lower, simply because he could not be excited even if he wanted to.

Although his body could still go on, he was mentally worn out, just like any other fighters who had gone through a marathon of tough fights. Who would still have that energy, that strength to rejoice and celebrate their victory? The spectators of the match did not react immediately.The leader seemed helpless.

On the contrary, he puckered his lips and lifted the porcelain teapot on the fire. He ate a mouthful of the noodles with haste, even though the noodles were still hot. He was afraid that this group of people would beat him. To be precise, he was not scared of being hit, but fearful that the last few mouthfuls of noodles would be ruined by these people.

This building is half-finished due to a lack of money. How can I give you any more money? This is the hard-earned money I paid with my life. I beg you! Before Wei Dong could have time to take another bite of the noodles, the cooked noodles were scattered all over the floor.

However, he dared not speak though he was angry. He could only sit where he was, fighting back the tears from his eyes. He lifted his foot and kicked the very young man who had kicked away the pot, slamming him against the wall. After that, Fang Qiu pointed to the noodles scattered all over the ground and shouted angrily at the dozen or so people. The leader got up from the ground with an angry face. Immediately, he shivered all over, unexplainably reached for a piece of noodles on the ground, and put it in his mouth.

This group of people immediately lay on their stomachs and quickly picked up the noodles on the ground to eat. The leader was alarmed. The facial expressions of the dozen people changed drastically. They stood up and started to run. He ran right up to the first person who stood up and kicked him to the ground. Then he ducked out again and charged at the second man. He once had the idea of uniting all his people to besiege and attack Fang Qiu, but the scene in front of him made him completely give up the idea in his mind.

The leader had wanted to run away while Fang Qiu struck, but before he could lift his feet, Fang Qiu had beaten everyone up and left him standing there alone. Fang Qiu suddenly moved forward.

Knowing how fierce and cruel Fang Qiu was, the leader did not dare to delay any longer and immediately answered in a pleading voice. Those who fell to the ground were not badly hurt. But after seeing what Fang Qiu had done, these people did not dare to act recklessly anymore. They lay on the ground pretending to be dead, in case Fang Qiu would find them. Led by a dozen or so people, he walked all the way to the suburbs, not far from the half-finished building.

Because this was the suburb, he saw a lot of detached villas along the way. It looked like there were a lot of wealthy people around here. Fang Qiu had planned to look it up. If the foreman was a good man, and for some particular reasons, he could not pay Wei Dong, Fang Qiu was going to find the source and help him.

In front of the villa, there was a specialized driveway and even a garden which was neither too big nor too small.

But Fang Qiu was in no mood to appreciate them. Instead, his anger rose at the sight of such a luxurious villa.Lin Xintong knew she did not have any epiphany or breakthrough.

It must had been some sort of accident or stroke of good luck. For a Desolate Heaven Master, there were times when things went great, resulting in the refinement of an exquisite relic. Hence, it was not odd, but today felt different…. Her seals became faster as finger shadows were formed. As long as he willed it, he could control the movement of the light dots.

It was a lovely feeling for Yi Yun. But they were not just simply gathering. In the gathering process, the Desolate Heaven Masters would process the energy, branding it with their own mark.

In addition, the desolate bones have their own properties. These things made Yi Yun generate a great interest. What if… I became a Desolate Heaven Master….

Like a seed, it grew into a huge, towering tree. It was the most noble profession in the vast wilderness world. They can use their Desolate Heaven techniques to obtain unlimited wealth. Not only that, they could have special techniques to process the energy. This made Yi Yun palpitate with excitement. Yi Yun had previously heard from Jiang Xiaorou that Desolate Heaven Masters create desolate bone relics with different effects. Some were used to heal, some were used to increase cultivation, some were used to breakthrough a bottleneck, and some were used to increase perceptivity.

There were specializations within the technique. The Purple Crystal Origins could only absorb pure energy, but it could not change the properties of the energy. If we made the analogy of energy as being food, then the Purple Crystal Origins was a collector of the best ingredients. A Desolate Heaven Master was the chef. Their culinary skills were the Desolate Heaven technique, and when processing the ingredients, they could make a delicacy.

Yi Yun had many random thoughts within that few seconds. The meat had been separated and dropped to the side.Instead, he was motivated. He had anticipated that these five spiritual herbs were too rare to be known in the Nine Heavens Continent. However, the Intelligent Pavilion had acquired the location of two of them, which was beyond his expectations.

The spirit of the universe is getting stronger. So are there more spiritual things? If I offer more panacea recipes and methods, I should be able to find some Reaching Heaven States to locate the panaceas for me, but….

Jiang Chen was hesitant. It was too risky for him. Besides, if he offered all of these precious resources in one package, it was like killing a goose that laid golden eggs. I would rather train myself into reaching the Reaching Heaven State than spend resources like that. Jiang Chen and Wen Xin became serious immediately. But once it tolled, it meant the school had something important to announce.

All disciples had to gather together, including those who were on outside adventures and would receive the notification from their tokens. Many disciples had gathered on the square outside of the palace, and there were more on their way. Like Jiang Chen, no one knew why the bell had tolled. They were chatting away enthusiastically, questioning the reason. Several elders were standing outside of the Palace of the Natural Law, including some grand supreme elders.

The election of the candidates will start in half a year. To ensure a good performance, the school, together with other forces of the Fire Field, will allow you access to the Realm of Beasts.

Wen Xin cheered up. It was good news, but she found Jiang Chen frowning and confused when she tried to share her joy with him. Among all of these fields, the Dragon Field was the most powerful and the center of the Nine Heavens Continent. Some heroes created it after the Era of the Hero ended. They drove away monsters and beasts from the Nine Heavens Continent and won a space for human beings to live.

martial master chapter 137

It was said that even a hopeless case could achieve the Reaching Heaven State once he attended the Sacred Institution. But anyone with sense would know this was going to be a fierce competition, where the chances of winning were miniscule. It was dominated by monsters and beasts, like a hunting ground. Its ownership was shared by the forces of the Fire Field. How could you get enough energy from so little food?

We can get energy from the spirit of the universe. This is the biggest advantage us human beings have. Before Elder Technique Impartation had explained it to them, they only had had a vague idea of it, but then they were suddenly enlightened.

At the same time, they were wondering why the elder was talking about it at this moment. No supply of the spirit of the universe? You must eat meat!How many years have passed since this man had died?

Martial Peak - Chapter 137 - The masters at High Heaven Pavilion

Yang Kai did not waver from the seeming simplicity of the fight. Instead, he turned to be more vigilant. You may have been right, but you chose the wrong skeleton to attack! The face looked terrifying; as though it was an evil spirit with little to no concern for life, as though it killed anything it wanted without blinking an eye.

The Immortal Soul was not inside the skeleton. It was inside the bead that created light! Yang Kai was about to strike the menacing bead, but the new face opened its mouth as a piercing howl deafened Yang Kai. It made his mind feel like it was pierced with a million needles!

Yang Kai knew then that the skeleton did not lie. The result of the attack by the skeleton is only one piece of evidence of possibly countless more that proves his ability to forcefully take his body from him. Ignorant young boy, it was delusional to think that you can resist me. Watch as I wipe away your consciousness and occupy your body! Yang Kai was startled, but he had no intention of yielding.

I will use it to seek a better and stronger body later. Do not worry, when I have taken it from you, any hatred you may feel towards others will be settled by me. Just be obedient and stop resisting.

It will save you the pain and save me the time! It is good fortune to be liked by this old man.

Martial Peak – Chapter 137, What Advantage Will I Receive If I Keep You Alive?

Why are you not content? You will realize how painful it is to have your consciousness wiped away. No average man can handle such pain and remain normal. The pain was a million times as before. It was excruciating, so much that Yang Kai let out a shrill and ear-splitting screech! His clothes quickly turned damp from his sweat and his body convulsed like a seizure.

Yang Kai could feel his consciousness fade away like a waterfall flowing. His vision would flicker as he endured the pain. His eyes turned bloodshot as the boy held on, unwilling to give up. While the old man spoke, Yang Kai could feel his own bones transmitting a warm sensation as his own Immortal Soul slowly stabilized. The pain was also greatly reduced. This is not what I wanted! He could feel that something was imbued into his golden bones.

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